We Are Redesigning Our Kits and Need Your Help!

We need your help! We are in the design stages for a series of new kits. We are going to be updating the FLA200 (2’x4′) and the FLA300 (4’x4′). We want to make the kits easier to assemble and use while maintaining or increasing the same rigidity that was available in the original kits.  Why are we doing this? The goal of the updates is to give you a better overall product. We continuously improve our processes each day and our products need to improve as well. If they are stupid simple to assemble and use and if you aren’t raving about them, we haven’t done our job probably. Read on after the break to see how your input can drive the design for the next generation of kits.
We are looking to roughly keep the same base components, but want to overhaul the design. The price for the kits should remain about the same. We are definitely open to adding new features, but we can’t do this alone. The most important input is from you. Drop us a line in the comments section below, email us, or call us and let us know what you like and what you don’t like about the kits. All that we as is the post be constructive. For example, don’t just post “The kit is crap” or “The kit is great”. Rather tell us why you think it’s that way, what you like and what you hate. We don’t care if you haven’t purchased a thing from us, we still want to hear your opinion. If you have an improvement suggestion, that’s even better.
Things we are specifically looking for:
  • How do you like the documentation surrounding the kit? What could we change to make your life easier? Do you want written instructions? Do you want something changed with the current form of the plans? videos? 
  • How was the assembly process? Was it easy to assemble? Which parts were the pain points? Was it hard to level and run in? Was there anything you would change?
  • How easy is the machine to use? What attachments/accessories are we missing that you want the most? What could we change to make it easier to use?
  • How is the design? Do you like the legs? Would you rather build your own base? What are you looking for that we don’t offer?
  • If you are looking at buying a kit in the future, what would we have to include or change to make you want to buy it? What currently turns you off about the kit?
Anyone can comment and suggest things, we don’t care if you bought from us. We are trying to get as much input as possible in the next couple of weeks. Without a diversity of input, we won’t be able to make the kits nearly as good as they could be. Here at Fine Line Automation, we strive to continuously improve everything, including our products. If you aren’t satisfied then we want to know about it!

Beta Testers

In a few weeks once we take your feedback and turn it into a prototype will be offering a limited number of people the chance to beta test the new kits. These beta test would be offered the kit at a substantially lower price point in exchange for testing and reporting back feedback and any issues. If you are looking at a machine and have a small budget to contend with, this would be the opportunity to get a quality redesigned machine without breaking the bank. We will be distributing both 2×4 and 4×4 kits for beta testing.
If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, email us at nate@finelineautomation.com and we will let you know the details.