Coming soon! Better American Made Machines with Better Support and Faster Shipping

We are proud to announce a formal partnership with Star Communications. We are partnering together to produce a new Saturn 3 line that fixes the issues of the Saturn 2 line and provides better avenues for support.

New Pricing on Saturn Routers

Here are Fine Line Automation we pride ourselves on having stable pricing. We do not like to raise the price of our products. However, this time we don’t really have a choice. Earlier this year, the current administration enacted tariffs on certain goods coming from foreign countries. The CNC tooling industry as a whole has started […]

Why Does Heat Treatment Of Rack and Pinion Gears Matter?

Heat treatment is the standard for gear racks on industrial grade equipment, but it’s rarely found on less expensive machines. Most entry-level machines use gearing with no heat treatment. Heat treated rack has improved surface hardness that resists higher contact stresses and allows you to push your machines harder and faster. Heat treated gear rack […]