Monthly Archives: March 2014

SolidWorks And EASM Plans For The New 2′ x 4′ Router Design Are Now Available

We finally have SolidWorks plans for our new 2′ x 4′ CNC Router. The actual working area is 28″ x 52″. The plans are for the NEMA 23 version of the kit.  If you want to build the NEMA 34 version of the kit, all of the aspects of the design are the same except for […]

2 Second Lean – PDF Assembly Drawings and Digital Files

When we do 2 Second improvements, most of the time we look to reduce internal waste. Sometimes we can reduce internal waste in unusual ways. We created a set of digital files and a set of detailed Assembly PDFs for one of our machines. The files are used to supplement the assembly video documentation we already […]