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Why Does Heat Treatment Of Rack and Pinion Gears Matter?

Heat treatment is the standard for gear racks on industrial grade equipment, but it’s rarely found on less expensive machines. Most entry-level machines use gearing with no heat treatment. Heat treated rack has improved surface hardness that resists higher contact stresses and allows you to push your machines harder and faster. Heat treated gear rack […]

SolidWorks/HSMWorks: How to Setup Adpative Clearing on Edge Features

Case: We have some edge features and need to profile just them. In this example, we are using the slots on our High Z Plate. Note that normally we would use a contour feature for slots like these and this is just to illustrate the setup. Steps to setup adaptive clearing: Setup your job in […]

CNC Basics: What Is CNC and Where Do I Start?

At Fine Line Automation, we’re very enthusiastic about CNC tools and automation.  Our parts and kits make the things people dream up everyday a reality.  They will help you produce more projects in less time with better results; in a production setup, CNC tools will pay for themselves many times over by increasing the efficiency […]