New Pricing on Saturn Routers

Here are Fine Line Automation we pride ourselves on having stable pricing. We do not like to raise the price of our products. However, this time we don’t really have a choice.

Earlier this year, the current administration enacted tariffs on certain goods coming from foreign countries. The CNC tooling industry as a whole has started to be hit with tariffs averaging 25% on machines and components for machines. We were able to avoid the tariffs for a little while by ordering in extra product before the tariffs landed. However, we are no longer able to do that.

Some of our components in the Saturn Series routers were subject to recent tariffs. As a result, we will need to raise our prices to compensate for this unexpected cost. We want to be clear and transparent on a few things:

  1. The increase reflects ONLY the extra cost of the tariff and nothing extra.
  2. As tariffs on machine components come and go, we will adjust the tariff surcharge on the pricing. Once the tariffs are removed, we will return pricing to the original prices.
  3. We will be placing an information paragraph on each affected products page detailing exactly how much of the price is due to tariffs.

Right now, here is the affected products and there new pricing:

  1. Saturn 2 Series 4’ x 4’ Router – $200 increase to $4,800
  2. Saturn 2 Series 4’ x 8’ Router – $350 increase to $5,950
  3. Saturn 2 Series 4’ x 8’ Machine Stand – $100 increase to $1,050

Yes, there is a 4 x 8 Saturn. And it will be released within the week… Stay tuned for more details.

Until the end of the year, take advantage of our $750 sale off Saturn 2 Series CNC Routers!