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    G540 Cooling Kit

    Our G540 cooling kit gives you piece of mind that your G540 won't shut down during a big job due to overheating. Keep your controller cool with a huge heatsink and active fan.

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  • New For March
    Cable Chain Systems

    When you router is running the last thing you want to do is pinch a wire in a gantry or kink it because it was bent to tight. Our cable chain systems guide cables and make sure they bend properly. Never worry about moving cables out of the way again. Available as kits for our routers as well as individual sections.

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  • Now available
    Leveling Feet Kits

    Everyone has an uneven floor. The last thing you want is for your router to wobble because some of the legs are not on the floor. An un-level machine causes can shorten component lifespan and increase maintenance costs. Fix the issue by getting a Leveling Foot kit today. Available as kits for our routers as well as individual components.

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Fine Line Automation is your source for affordable automated machine and automation components. Whether you are looking for a machine to build your dream projects or components for your own machines, we have what you need. We understand that you have projects that you want to build. Our products enable you to build want you desire quickly and affordably.

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Learn All About CNC Basics

New to CNC? We have an ever growing collection of CNC articles that teach the fundamentals of CNC. Learn basic concepts like using homing and limit switches, zeroing your machine, and basic feedrates. We are adding new articles all the time. Improve your knowledge of CNC and work better.

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We offer several free projects that you can make with your CNC. You can make a wide range of projects including shop projects and small furniture with a wide range of materials and techniques. These projects are a great way to learn to use our CNC machines.

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Our CNC Router kits offer an affordable way to bring automation to your shop. Our kits have working areas ranging from 2'x3' to 4'x4'. Turn wood, plastics, aluminum, fiberglass, and carborn fiber into professional creations. Learn how one of our CNC Routers can enhance your projects today!

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Lean is continuous improvement. It isn't limited to big companies like Toyota. Our blog details the application of lean principles in personal and small shop enviornments. Whether it's sorting out your bathroom or improving production workflow in the shop, we will show you many different ways of applying lean principles to anything you do

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