New Products

Fine Line Automation is pleased to announce a number of new products and services that are available.

There is a tapping option that is now available for the Linear Motion Carriages. The mounting holes can be tapped for 3/8-16. This option is highly useful for mounting the carriages to the Z-Axis Plate.

The long-awaited parts bundles for the FLA100-00 Router Plans have arrived. Many of you are confused about the offerings, so I have changed the part numbers to better reflect the products offered. I hope this helps to clear up some confusion.

We provide several “Part Bundles” to help you increase the chance of a successful build. These bundles offer a one-click shop to get most of the components you need. Part Bundles offered are:

  • PB-0001 – A fastener kit containing all of the fasteners you need for this build.
  • PB-0002 – All the parts you need to build the kit.
  • PB-0003 – All the Fine Line Automation rails you need to build the kit.
  • PB-0004 – Power Transfer Parts Bundle that includes everything listed in the FLA111-00, FLA121-00, and FLA131-00 assemblies. Contains all of the power transfer components you need including pre-cut leadscrews and drill rod.

If you buy the 4 bundles above, you will only need to get the 8020 extrusions and gussets to complete your build.

So, the FLA111-00, FLA121-00, and FLA131-00 products from before have been all compacted into one product PB-0004. Also, you may notice the price doesn’t add up to what I quoted. Well, I was originally going to offer LoveJoy Couplers to connect the motors separately, but now they are included.