New Open Source Router Plans Released!

I am proud to announce the release of Fine Line Automation’s first CNC Router kit. The router has a 2’x3’ working area. This is a perfect size for draws, cabinetry, bracketry, carvings, and signs. The entire kit is designed to be completely bolt together, making it possible to build one with only a minimal amount of hand tools.

I have currently released the plans on the site. They are freely available for download. I encourage you to download the plans and take a look at them. The plans are free to use for personal non-commercial use. This restriction only applies to the plans, not to the use of your finished machine. I offer a number of methods of building this machine. First there will be a full kit that is available for purchase. Second, there are a number of parts bundles that will reduce the number of places you need to get parts. They are provided for your convenience and help you not to overbuy on certain things like fasteners and leadscrews. Lastly, you can source all of the parts yourself. The BOMs that come with the plans clearly detail everything you need and where to get it from.

I have some pricing information regarding the parts bundles. Expect them available for purchase sometime tomorrow. The pricing structure is:

  • FLA111-00 – $70
  • FLA121-00 – $80
  • FLA131-00 – $50
  • KIT001 – $31.50
  • KIT002 – $370.25 Base Price
    • NEMA 34 Motor Mounts – +$4.50
    • Single Start Nut for Z-Axis – -$2
  • KIT003 – $190