Build Log: 4×4 on a ceiling hoist

One of my customers Pat had an interesting problem. He had enough space for the 4×4 machine in his garage, but he also needs to fit his car in. To solve that problem he created a cable hoist that raises the machine above the garage door an out of the way.

He uses a standard electric winch to accomplish the raising and lowering with ease. Here are some more shots of the cabling system. Standard cable with eye hooks and pulleys. Simple but effective.

The machine still needed a stand so Pat decided to bolt a pair of heavy-duty saw horses on the base of the machine. The legs fold up out of the way. I am curious to see if the stand will be sturdy enough to keep the machine from vibrating too much or walk across the floor. Note that if you want to do this, be very careful when running the machine until you know the stand will hold up.

I also wanted to show some shots of the cable management system. He’s got everything laid out nicely using our cable chain kit.