Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! Every year we like to reflect on the things that we have and just how blessed we are. Join us as we break out the Thanksgiving pants and remembering what we’re thankful for this year. 

Our customers

Thank you to our customers for trusting us to provide you with quality products to build your dreams. Without you, there would be no Fine Line Automation and for that we are truly thankful.

Business partners

Thank you to Buzgon Davis for handling our legal needs.

Thank you to John Faust for handling out accounting needs.

Thank you to CreatingWay Technologies for the great prototype work.

Thank you to Target Tools and Kelly Machine Works for augmenting our production capacity.

Thank you to Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp for providing the great SolidWorks software we use to design our products.

Thank you to 80/20 Inc. for providing the fantastic modular framing system we use for our routers.

Thank you to UPS for delivering all of our orders on time without beating them up too badly.

Software as a service providers

Thank you to ToggleBox for your awesome VPS hosting for our eCommerce store.

Thank you to GitHub for hosting all of our open source code.

Thank you to BitBucket for hosting all of our private code.

Thank you to for hosting software which makes our lives easier.

Thank you to Dropbox for hosting large design assets and important files.

Thank you to Google for GMail, Analytics, and search.

Thank you to Xero for accounting and bookkeeping software that doesn’t suck.


Thank you to Steve Jobs and Jony Ive for setting the bar high with elegant, functional product design.

Thank you to Paul Akers at FastCap for introducing lean thinking into our company.

Thank you to Taiichi Ohno for creating lean.

Thank you to Amy Hoy for setting us straight on product launches and marketing.

Thank you to Alan Kay, Martin Fowler, Uncle Bob Martin, Gerard Meszaros, and Sandi Metz for all that you have done for the software community.

Open source and idea contributors

Thank you to every person who gives us feedback about our products.

Thank you to every person who submits a pull request to our open source projects, even the ones we don’t merge.

Thank you to MIT for building the original CNC Mill in 1952.

Thank you to Linus Torvalds for Git.

Thank you to Matz for Ruby.

Thank you to DHH, the Rails core team, and the Rails community for Rails.

Thank you to Sean Schofield, Radar, the Spree core team, and the Spree community for the best eCommerce platform we ever used.

Thank you to the many Postgres committers for a rock-solid and always-improving database.

And thank you, too, for reading, commenting, and making us think.