2 Second Lean: Tool Chest Drawer

We have a tool chest in which we keep a set of general tools for various different general uses around the shop. However, it was a mess. We have too many of different tools and everything was just thrown in the drawers. The first step of lean is to do what is called 3S. Your goal is to Sweep (or clean up) the target area, then Sort the tools in the area and removing any unnecessary tools, and finally Standardize the area.

In this case, we cleaned the drawer and got rid of some old dull bits. Then, we removed the unnecessary tools, standardizing with one set of screwdrivers, one set of wrenches, and one set of adjustable wrenches. Finally, we used FastCap’s Kaizen Foam to organize the drawer such that every tool firmly has a place. No new tools can be added/misplaced without the conscious (and hopefully thought out) effort of cutting a new slot in the foam. The foam also is a Visual Control that can tell us when we are missing a tool. What the video after the break to see the result.