New Shipping Calculations, Site Overhaul, and New Products

The last couple of days have been very been good in terms of tweaking the site. Two days ago, I updated the shipping calculator for the site. The previous one, as some of you may have found out, grossly over calculated the shipping. This new one automatically connects to UPS and will provide you with a dynamically calculated quote based upon the weight of the items you are purchasing and the region you are in.

The reason I have gone to this scheme is because it accurately calculates the exact shipping cost of your order. I felt that flat rate structure I had was unfair to customers. It cost twice as much to ship to California as it does to New York. In the next few days, I will be adding the ability calculate shipping without entering your personal information. Until then, to give you some idea of shipping, for the rails for a 3’x3’ machine, shipping is roughly $40 to California and $20 to the New England area. The smaller rails will be even less.

As some of you may have also noted, the site has recently gotten somewhat of a facelift. The orders page which was previously not formatted at all, is now formatted to look like the rest of the site. Sorry for any confusion that resulted. There are also several minor things including some wording changes and add more detail about product technical specifications.

Finally, I have put up the entire product line on my website. Very soon, I will be stocking these parts as inventory instead of drop shipping them, which should save you some shipping costs on you order.

Merry Christmas!

Nate Lowrie
Owner, Fine Line Automation