2 Second Lean - PDF Assembly Drawings and Digital Files

Posted On Mar 22, 2014 By Nate Lowrie

When we do 2 second improvements, most of the time we look to reduce internal waste. Sometimes we can reduce internal waste in unusual ways. What we did here was create a set of digital files and a set of detailed Assembly PDFs for one of our machines. The files are used to supplment the assembly video documentation we already have. This improvement adds value to the product for the customer. That alone is enough to classify it as a 2 second improvment. However, we may indirectly save a few minutes each time a customer finds what they are looking for in these dcouments instead of have to call us or email us. How much time does your organization waste fielding the same calls and emails every week for information about products that you can easily put out on your website for the customer to pull?

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